Our mission is to engage the hearts, hands and minds of the community to help animals and provide resources for those who require support for the animals in their lives. 

Cowley County Residents:

The decision to surrender your pet is never an easy one.  Knowing that you have a compassionate and caring resource to turn to can ease this difficult process.  Feel free to contact us if you any questions or need advice regarding your situation. There may be a small fee to help cover the cost of vaccines. 

If you ultimately decide that surrendering your pet is the right decision for you, please take the time to download and fill out our Owner Surrender form.  Information from this form will provide us with background information about your pet and will aide us in finding a suitable home for your pet.   

Currently Not Able to Take Surrenders

Non-Cowley County Residents:


Calling to schedule an appointment with the Director is required.  We will ask for you to complete an owner surrender profile for the animal(s) you would like to surrender to ensure they are eligible for our adoption or rescue programs.  There is a minimum $50 surrender fee required per animal or $70 surrender fee per litter.  Additionally, a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and some veterinary services are also required.

If you find a stray animal, please contact your local humane society, police department, animal control officer or city building for instructions. 
It is essential that stray animals be held in the jurisdiction they are found, so we do not accept strays animals found outside of Cowley County.  

Calling to schedule an appointment for drop off is highly encouraged to ensure that the staff can assist you and your pet in a timely manner. Financial contributions are requested, appreciated, and will directly impact your surrendered pet, however, they are not required if you reside inside of Cowley County.  

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