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Our mission is to engage the hearts, hands and minds of the community to help animals and provide resources for those who require support for the animals in their lives. 

Step into the compassionate world of the Cowley County Humane Society to experience a concord of compassion and care. Crafted with passion, the we are dedicated to deliver a variety of programs and services to the community. 

At the Humane Society, we believe that every animal deserves a chance at love and happiness. To make this vision come true, we provide a variety of programs and services to the community. It's a massive responsibility, taking in almost 3,000 animals each year, but it’s one we wouldn't change for the world. Finding a forever home for every adoptable animal is our utmost priority.

From re-homing abandoned animals to conducting awareness programs, each endeavor is designed with the warmth of heart and the aim of creating a kinder world.  However, we don't do it alone. We have an extensive network with local and national rescue organizations, where we join hands to save as many animal lives as we can. 

Come join us on this journey of love and kindness, because at CCHS, our motto is to connect hearts, foster respect, and protect our fluffy friends! Together, let's create a world full of love for our furry friends.

​Programs & Services