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Success  Stories

We are dedicated to connecting pets with loving families who can provide them with the care, attention, and affection they need and deserve. Our adoption success stories speak for themselves. Sometimes, animals come to us from the most unfortunate situations, but with our help, countless animals have found their forever homes and have been able to show their new families what love really looks like. 


We are excited to share success stories like the ones below and we invite you to visit us and see the miracles we make happen every day.


"I don’t even know how to say this. Benjamin is absolutely perfect. I love him with my whole heart. The timing was inconvenient, but the love, grace, and fun he has brought to our home is unmeasured. He loves our grumpy senior dogs and works around them. He has bad separation anxiety, so bad he bends the bars to where only my husband is strong enough to open, so I took him to doggy daycare. He had a wonderful day with his friends and is a perfectly sociable little man. I don’t know why you chose to reach out, but thank you for trusting us with Benjamin’s precious soul. He will be loved until the end of his days" #adoptdontshop


Bear was caught in the middle of a divorce. When his owner Blaine moved out of state, Bear was with his other side of the family. While the other side of the family tried to keep Bear, they found themselves unable to take him when relocating homes. They decided to place Bear into a Foster family during the transition.


When it was time for Bear to go home, the foster family refused to give Bear back to his original family which ultimately resulted in Bear being surrendered to CCHS. During this time, Blaine was on a hunt looking for Bear, his best friend. Three months later, they found Bear on the CCHS website and immediately flew back to Kansas to reunite!


Bear was so happy to reunite with his family and we at CCHS found ourselves overjoyed with happiness during the reunion. Bear is now home and happy!



Jenkins is a sweet dog who has been in and out of the shelter since 2021 but was adopted a few days ago! "Jenkins is adjusting very well and is the king of the house. He's been getting a lot of belly rubs those seem to be his favorite." We are so glad to see Jenkins loving his new life!


BoBo, a one-year-old purebred Short Hair Pointer, was saved by the Cowley County Sheriff's department from a situation of severe neglect and cruelty. He was brought to CCHS one evening in August 2023 and, with ongoing veterinary attention and plenty of affection from the CCHS Team, he made an impressive comeback.

BoBo thrived in our Prison Program before being moved to MAKGSP Rescue. Currently, under the care of a caring family, he is said to be "as happy as can be."

bobo 1_edited.jpg


A picture is worth a thousand words. Ivan had been at the shelter for six months before he was adopted. Here he is waiting patiently for his new owner to take him home.  

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