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Shelter Director

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Job Description:  The Shelter Director for the Cowley County Humane Society (CCHS) is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the shelter. They manage staff and volunteers, maintain the facility and equipment, interact with the public and ensure that shelter animals receive proper care. They participate in fundraising efforts and fostering good community relations, all in accordance with board-approved bylaws, policies/procedures, and state and federal guidelines.

The Shelter Director serves as a liaison between the Board of Directors (Board), the community, municipal partners, and the shelter staff. The Shelter Director will uphold the mission of  CCHS and works to promote its goals. The Shelter Director will work directly with the Board in making decisions that are in the best interest of the animals and CCHS.

Animal Care Responsibilities:

• Ensure animals in CCHS custody are appropriately cared for and treated humanely and with compassion according to policy/procedure.

• Work to find the best outcome for all animals in CCHS care.

• Works closely with the shelter veterinarian

• As needed, perform, or oversee euthanasia of animals according to CCHS policies/procedures.

Shelter Responsibilities:

• Ensure the safety and security of all CCHS buildings and grounds.

• Ensure that staff has adequate supplies, equipment, and training to perform their job duties properly according to CCHS Animal Care Procedures.

• Maintain all medications and controlled substances in accordance with law and CCHS policies/procedures.

• Direct the upkeep of CCHS grounds and maintenance/repair of buildings and equipment, including all vehicles.

• Oversee vehicle usage, upkeep, registration, and insurance according to CCHS policies/procedures.

Program Responsibilities:

• Provides tours of the shelter

• Oversees promotion and organization of adoption events

• Represents the shelter at community events

Administrative Responsibilities:

• Perform or direct administrative duties according to the policies\procedures set forth by the CCHS Board.

• Develops, implements, and ensures adherence to shelter rules and procedures, including Standard Operating Procedures

• Supervise computer and software use.

• Ensure CCHS website, social media, and all software are kept current.

• Organize, supervise, and maintain appropriate records for rescue, foster and volunteer programs.

• Maintain intake and outcome statistics.

• Reply to all calls, messages, and written correspondence in a timely manner.

• Ensure the payment of all bills and coordinate making deposits, as well as ensuring completion of the bookkeeping, per direction of the Board and CCHS policies/procedures.

• Supervise all program coordinator(s), both paid and volunteers

• Maintain a working relationship with the local veterinarians and other animal organizations to further the CCHS mission.

• Communicate with the CCHS Board concerning items for discussion for the monthly meeting. Prepare and present operational reports for the monthly board meetings per policies/procedures.

• Work with the CCHS Board in the preparation of the annual budget.

• Develop a donor data base and build relationships with CCHS donors.

• Suggest fundraising strategies and events to present to the CCHS Board of Directors for approval and implementation.

• Research new grants. Write or assist with writing of annual grant applications and grants reports following CCHS policies/procedures.

• Help plan, organize, and develop programs that will meet the principles and objectives of CCHS.

Personnel Management Responsibilities:

• Hire and terminate employees according to CCHS guidelines.

• Supervises and leads shelter employees and sets staff schedules

• Provide instruction, training, and support to shelter staff.

• Facilitate training and cross-training of staff.

• Maintain employee/personnel files in accordance with CCHS policies/procedures.

• Conduct annual performance evaluation of shelter staff

• Deal with employee and volunteer medical emergencies in accordance with CCHS policies/procedures.

• Ensure all certifications of personnel remain current.

• Sign off on employee time, including paid time off. Prepare or oversee paycheck preparation in accordance with CCHS Board direction and policies/procedures.

Education Requirements & Qualifications:

• Education: A minimum of an Associate degree in business administration, animal science, or a closely related field is highly desired.

• Experience: 1-4 years of experience working with animals (particularly in a shelter environment) with several years of experience in a managerial role is a prerequisite, ideally with work at an animal nonprofit or rescue organization.

Hours of Operation​

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